[rrd-users] Re: How does timestamp work?

Giovane Moreira giovane at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 20:31:35 MEST 2004

Well I did some tests here.

I found out how timestamp works. It converts your local time to GMT
time and then send you the timestamp:

eg: I'm in Brazil, GMT- 3hours.. if I type date +%s, it converts my
time (15:18) to 18:18 (GMT Time) and then return the timestamp.  That
means that timestamp depends on your zone time...

I did it linking /etc/localtime to Sao Paulo and GMT and run data command..

Other point I didn't explained on my doubt:

The step: My step is 86400 (you guys can think: Its so high..). I
wanna plot the total download of 1 day (not the rate per second, just
the total volume...eg: yesteday we got 70GB of downloads, so the graph
of yesterday must be a line that only changes on today's line... a
stairs graphs..).  But the question about step is that steps seems to
be based on GMT . If my step is 86400, it needs to receive new input
data in every midnight of GMT night.. (I mean, the step counter starts
on 0:0:0 at GMT, so a 1 day step should be upload every 0:0:0 GMT
time... ,no matter how you change your start point and update point by
removing 10800s from the start point)... If it's true, I can see no
solution to my problem... (I got an solution making my locatime file
pointing to GMT time..then I got right data graphs...)

First of all I tried to change starts points and update points... it
didn't solve nothing...
So I tried to attack another point: steps. And above you got my conclusions..

So Is there any hope to my problem? An core developer can pls explain
this? Thank you so much folks,

Giovane Moreira

On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 19:11:48 +0000, Leonard Mills
<leonard_mills at corpnet.sel.sony.com> wrote:
> Giovane wrote:
> >I'm on GMT -3  time zone and all my graphs are outta phase.. I just
> >wanna they correct... -3h delayed...
> Rdd knows when days change by the number of seconds since
> the epoch (ignoring leap seconds).  That's UTC/GMT.  Period.
> But you have the source, so you _could_ make a local mod.
> That's just the way things are at this time.
> Sincerely,
> Len

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