[rrd-users] Re: How does timestamp work?

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Sat Oct 9 21:24:29 MEST 2004

> The step: My step is 86400 (you guys can think: Its so 
> high..). I wanna plot the total download of 1 day (not the 
> rate per second, just the total volume...eg: yesteday we got 
> 70GB of downloads, so the graph of yesterday must be a line 
> that only changes on today's line... a stairs graphs..).  But 


This problem has been discussed many times before on the list.

To quote a posting of Alex from his more verbose period:

Search the mail list archives for postings of me with the
items "3600" "time zone" (or maybe: "timezone"), "UTC" and perhaps
more of those keywords.

Or just believe me when I say you want to:
- create a new database using "--step 3600"
- use whole multiples of "86400" for *all* times including
  - update
  - start
  - end

Data = data rate x time span

So if you create an RRA that holds 365 rows of daily averages, you can
use s CDEF to multiply them by the number of seconds per day.
Average bps per day x 86400 = total bytes per day.

Be sure to graph 365 pixels wide or a multitude of that, or you will
have aliasing problems.
Oh, and once in every four years, you'll have a leap year: 1 day


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