[rrd-users] Correct Database Sizes

isp isp at bnjcomp.com
Mon Oct 11 18:36:42 MEST 2004

Okay I am a little confused can someone "proof" / adjust the below.  I know
it is a lot but I am really trying to understand this well.

What I "think" I have done is following (I have used terms that I am
familiar with as I done windows msaccess databases)
create a database that has the following "Fields"
1.  A field called snrfreq1 of type Gauge which means it will just take any
type of value.  In my case I am inputting signal to noise ratios which
generally run from -20 to -105.
2.  A field called snrfreq2 of type Gauge same as above
3.  a field called percentrrexmitfreq1 of type gauge which I will have
normally take percent values I have calculated which range from 0 to 10,000
4.  A field called percentrrexmitfreq2 same as above.
5.  A field called totalframes which for now is type gauge but probable
should be type counter as it is counting the number of frames passing
through my wireless radio.

Now here is what I really am guessing at.  The values I feed to this table I
feed every 30 seconds.  Those values are really not put in the table? but
really values based on the RRA (called an archive but I think it is what I
know as a Summary) are what is put in table?

If I read this correctly then I have told the RRA to tale every value (1)
and that at least half of that one must be there or it is unknown and to
create 10,0000 rows in this archive?  so when I do a fetch of this archive
should it not show me 10,000 rows some of which will have data as I am
populating and some of which will not have data showing (nam)?

rrdtool create mshsevalue.rrd --start now --step 30
DS:snrfreq1:GAUGE:300:-105:50 DS:snrfreq2:GAUGE:300:-105:50
DS:percentrexmitfreq1:GAUGE:300:0:U DS:percentrexmitfreq2:GAUGE:300:0:U
DS:totalframes:GAUGE:300:0:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:100000

thanks for any help.


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