[rrd-users] Re: RES: Re: Graphics problem

Zicarelli, Gabriel gzicarelli at lopezleon.com
Mon Oct 25 19:51:01 MEST 2004

> From: Hugo Rebello [mailto:hugo.rebello at dhl.com] 
> I read this document, but I don't understand what is 
> "epochtime:data:data:data"
> I'm not sure, what I must put there.

The creation of the database is for storing purposes,
however if you don't put data in it...it's useless.

I assume you are gathering ping roundtrip values and 
want them to be nicely shown in a graph, right?
Any method you have for getting these values is fine,
as long as you can put them in the .RRD.

For instance here I get the value to update my db:
rrdtool update PING.rrd N:`ping -c1 | cut -d/ -f4`

Epoch refers to the number of secs since January 1, 1970.
To update you can explicitily indicate the time or can let
rrdtool to get it when updating the values: the 'N' in
this example means 'Now'.

Easy isn't it?

You can store the output and then update, or do it 
on the fly, as above.

Hope it helps.


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