[rrd-users] Re: Specification of RRA Boundaries

Richard Nelson richard.nelson at optusnet.com.au
Fri Sep 10 09:45:44 MEST 2004


After many attempts to s ubscribe and post to this list (seemed it only worked when s ubscribe (without the space) was put in the body as well as the subject), I found that there was in fact a thread regarding my question.
I am attempting to create a very simple RRA, containing the maximum value per day. I feed it values every minute, and since im using MAX and want the actual maximum value ever, I have a step of one minute (and a high heartbeat value). Before someone pulls their hair out, no, I'm not complaining about this behaviour 
But I am complaining about my data being consolidated at 10am every day. It took a long time for me to figure out exactly what the problem was, I was initially under the impression things got consolidated when there was enough data (ie, if consolidating every day, and you created it at 11:34pm, the values would be consolidated at 11:34pm every day). This is what I thought --start was for in create, perhaps this should be documented? I now understand how/why it works this way though...
I live in EST, which is UTC+10, which is why my data gets consolidated at 10am, and I would really rather it was consolidated at midnight. However! Since the maximum value is very unlikely to happen between midnight and 10am (more likely to happen between 6pm-10pm), a quick hack would be to offset the graph 10 hours, and noone would be any the wiser. Is this possible? I'd rather it consolidated at midnight though.
Please advise if I've got things completely wrong too, I'm very new to this rrdtool shiz.

-s 60 DS:players:GAUGE:600:0:U RRA:MAX:0.9:1440:32


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