[rrd-users] Re: Blocky graphs

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Mon Sep 13 10:21:08 MEST 2004

On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 08:55:07AM +0200, Stefan Coetzee wrote:

> I did read the tutorial, but the examples are for very short periods of
> time, but thanks all for the help,

So?  Examples are just that: examples.  By writing a tutorial I hope to
share knowledge.  If you need two years worth of data instead of one year,
apply the same logic and reasoning and come up with your own script.

> I'll try see where I can fix this, I know there's something small and stupid
> I'm doing wrong tho.

Start with an image with a known size (say: 400 pixels).  Start by
displaying one hour on each pixel-column, thus 400 hours.  Make sure
your database contains >>>at least<<< 400 hours worth of data in an
RRA with a resolution of one hour per row.  Alternatively, keep at
least 400 hours worth of data in an RRA with a resolution of 30 minutes
per row (thus: more than 800 rows).  Another alternative would be to
keep > 100 rows of 4-hour data.  This would start to look "blocky" as it
would show 100 rows each 4 pixels wide.

In all cases, there's (more than) 400 hours available.

> What I've tried, that does work, but is not efficient, is keeping a year's
> worth of hires data,
> or 5minute averages..

And why didn't you try keeping a year's worth of 2-hour data ?  That would
be much more efficient (4392 rows instead of 105408).

But if you want to plot "--end oct 14 00:00 --start end-12h" and if
you want that "not blocky", you have no choice but to keep the data
in high-resolution.  After all, RRDtool cannot use what it cannot fetch.

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