[rrd-users] Re: Announcing yet another dynamic RRD cgi graph viewer

Haroon Rafique haroon.rafique at utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 30 19:19:04 MEST 2004

On Today at 7:06pm, EdM=>Erik de Mare <erik at oezie.org> wrote:

EdM> Haroon Rafique wrote:
EdM> > Hi list,
EdM> > 
EdM> > The script is written in perl and is based off of Jan "Yenya" 
EdM> > Kasprzak's script mrtg-rrd.cgi
EdM> > 
EdM> > 
EdM> > 
EdM> If it already uses perl why not make the data-collect script with a 
EdM> nice perl-NET::SNMP module?
EdM> http://haas.oezie.org/rrd/ here are some script that I made with 
EdM> perl.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the link.

Maybe I failed to mention in my original email that this script is just a 
front-end. All the data gathering on the back-end is being done by 
perl/awk/bash. The reason for this decoupling is that not everything that 
I'm collecting has SNMP interfaces. A second reason for the decoupling is 
that I gather stats every 5 minutes (and in some cases every 1 minute). 
However, I sometimes don't look at the graphs for months on end, which 
means that the graphs don't get generated unless asked for by the 
frontend (or if they are stale).

I'm scratching my itch by working on this script the way its best suited 
to me. You're scratching your itch the way it best fits your needs. To 
each, their own.

Haroon Rafique
<haroon.rafique at utoronto.ca>

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