[rrd-users] Help on listing available DEF fields

Pedro Zorzenon Neto pzn at terra.com.br
Thu Apr 14 16:19:55 MEST 2005


  I am new to RRD and have a problem that I think is simple (well, for
me it seems simple, but I could find no answer :-)

  I already have some SNMP machines sending data to MRTG that stores in
RRD (this environment was already implemented, but I did not implement

  Now I need to get data from RRD to use in shell/perl scripts. Reading
RRD manpages, I discovered that this can be done with:

   rrdtool xport \
        --start now-1h --end now \
        DEF:xx=host-inout.lo.rrd:output:AVERAGE \
        DEF:yy=host-inout.lo.rrd:input:AVERAGE \
        XPORT:xx:"out bytes" \
        XPORT:yy:"in bytes"

   I'd like to know what can I put in "host-inout.lo.rrd:output" field
for all the computers and all the interfaces. Is seems to be a field
specification. Is there any way to list all available fields in RRD

   Thanks in advance,

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