[rrd-users] Simple RRA Want to make it more Complex

Martin Rheumer martinr at hotkey.net.au
Fri Apr 22 07:52:38 MEST 2005


I have a pretty simple rrd files that stores values I collect in a database
every 15 minutes.

1. Values get dumped into csv files with 15 minute increments
2. I import them into a Mysql Database to run some queries on it
3. Dumps out a RRD file from perl.
4. I make a graph of the last days values.

I now want to make it a little like mrtg with a weekly avg, monthly
avg and yearlt avg graphs..

Can someone suggest some better rra options here ?

my @options = ("-b", $START, "-s", $STEP,

Could someone suggest some better options here I am pretty sure I need some
better RRA's.

Apologies if this is a little newbie question as well ;-(

My graphing options are below as well..

        my ($graphret,$xs,$ys) = RRDs::graph $GIF, "--title", $hash1{port},
          "--vertical-label", 'Cells Per Second', "--start", ($graph_start),
          "--end", $graph_end,
                  "--interlace", "--imgformat","PNG",
          "LINE1:alpha#ff0000:In Cells",
                        "LINE1:beta#00ff00:Out Cells",
          "HRULE:$hline#ff8800:High Water Mark at $hline",
          "PRINT:alpha:AVERAGE:Average In Cells %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:alpha:MIN:Min In Cells %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:alpha:MAX:Max In Cells  %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:beta:AVERAGE:Average Out Cells %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:beta:MIN:Min Out Cells %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:beta:MAX:Max Out Cells  %1.2lf",
          "VRULE:".($graph_start-3600)."#008877:60 Minutes ago",
          "VRULE:".($graph_start-7200)."#008877:120 Minutes ago";

Many Thanks

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