[rrd-users] Re: Failed to create graphs

learnrrd tool learnrrd at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 20:28:52 MEST 2005


I just used "rrdtool dump" and "rrdtool info" and compared the data
obtained on both Linux and PPC machines and they look alsmost the same
to me.

What could be the distinguishing factor between the graphing on these
2 machines, that one place i see the graph and the other i dont?

Any clues will be greatly appreciated.


On 8/10/05, learnrrd tool <learnrrd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have written a simple C program to collect CPU usage and Memory
> usage from a linux kernel, and plot them using RRD.
> This code seems to be working fine on Red Hat Linux machine, but when
> I actually cross-compile the same program to suit PPC85xx (Power PC
> architecture) and run the program, data collection seems to be working
> fine, i.e ".rrd" file gets created and i can see it getting updated.
> However, when i plot this .rrd on the PPC 85xx, teh graph.png file
> gets created, but its size is 0KB.
> What do you think is the problem here, that the same program works on
> Red Hat Linux standalone machine (.rrd file created, graph works
> fine), but doesnt work on PPC85xx machine (.rrd created, but graph is
> of 0 size)?
> Could it be any of the libart or any other graphing library being
> screwed up on 85xx? I am using different versions of RRD on LInux
> machine and 85XX machine.
> Linux RRD version - 1.2.10
> PPC85xx - 1.2.7
> Thanks!

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