[rrd-users] trying to give up on librrd_th

Stephen Hall halls at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 16 20:21:54 MEST 2005


   After much pain and suffering I have decided to give up on the
multithreading business.  I was getting usless answers out of
rrd_update_r() so I gave up.  The first time that I called it it returned 0
which, i suppose, indicates success.  Anytime after that that I called it
(changing only the value of the numbers I was trying to insert and the time
of course) it would return -1 which I take to mean failure.  The problem
is that the rrd_get_error() routine does not return anything in this case.
I can put obvious errors into my arguments to rrd_update_r() and get the
correct answer from rrd_get_error() but I get nothing when I try to use it
for real.

   My current plans are to pull all of the rrd calls into one thread and use
the non-multithreaded routines in that thread to update the databases.  Does
anybody know if there is any reason why this would not work?  I.e. calls to
routines in the rrd_update() routine that are not reentrant such that
another thread may walk on it.  ANY help would be appreciated.

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