[rrd-users] Re: Gauge understanding problem or error ?

Christian Volkmann CVolkmann at orga-systems.com
Fri Aug 19 00:11:39 MEST 2005

Hi Alex,

sorry for my confusing mail.I have some temperature values:

12:34:20 20 degrees
12:35:20 30 degrees
12:36:20 40 degrees
12:37:20 30 degrees
12:38:20 20 degrees
12:39:20 0 degrees
12:40:20 0 degrees
12:41:20 80 degrees
12:42:20 0 degrees
12:43:20 20 degrees

I defined the database as GAUGE, step 60 seconds and try to record the MAX-values.
I expected the graph to show the exact values from above.
So the value of the graph should show at around 12:41 80 degrees.

But the sample script shows about "54" degrees for "GAUGE", "step 60 seconds", MAX or LAST

If I feed the database without ":20" as second, so ":00" I see the expected graph.

With CF=LAST or MAX:
A) I never expected a graph with a value of 54 at 12:40
B) I expect the same graph no matter if I record everything with ":20 seconds" or ":00 seconds"
   for a step of 60 seconds. A time shift of the graph :20 or :00 would be correct.

Best regards,


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