[rrd-users] aggregate bandwidth of an rrd graph

Jonathan jreed at compton.net
Fri Dec 30 23:12:50 MET 2005

I've built my bandwidth graphs for a 24/hr period, and now I would like to
calculate the total transfer (given as an amount of storage, ie GigaBytes,
MegaBytes) for billing purposes. I do not need to graph the amount; however
I would like it to show up on my legend. Here is my current graph command: 
/usr/bin/rrdtool graph file.png -a PNG -h 125 -s -86400 -v "24 Hr
Throughput" \
    CDEF:kbin=in,1024,/ \
    CDEF:kbout=out,1024,/ \
    'AREA:in#00FF00:Bandwidth In'
'LINE1:out#0000FF:Bandwidth Out\j' \
    'GPRINT:kbin:LAST:Last Bandwidth In\:    %3.2lf KBps'
'GPRINT:kbout:LAST:Last Bandwidth Out\:   %3.2lf KBps\j' \
    'GPRINT:kbin:AVERAGE:Average Bandwidth In\: %3.2lf KBps'
'GPRINT:kbout:AVERAGE:Average Bandwidth Out\:%3.2lf KBps\j'

In my search for help, I've learned I need a couple extra CDEF statements
and a GPRINT in addition to what I have. This seems like an obvious use for
the RRDTool. has anyone else had any experience doing this?


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