[rrd-users] Re: seek error in RRA

Mark Lawrence nomad at null.net
Thu Feb 24 09:05:27 MET 2005

Hi Daniel,

> rrdtool create test.rrd -b 315532801 -s 30 DS:wrqm_s:GAUGE:300:U:U

You specify here a step size of 30 seconds.

> DS:r_s:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:w_s:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:rsec_s:GAUGE:300:U:U
> DS:wsec_s:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:rkB_s:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:wkB_s:GAUGE:300:U:U
> DS:avgrq_sz:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:avgqu_sz:GAUGE:300:U:U
> DS:await:GAUGE:300:U:U DS:svctm:GAUGE:300:U:U  RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:1440

And you have here a single RRA with 1440 data points spaced 1 step size
apart (30 seconds). 1140 data points 30 seconds apart holds a maximum
history of 43200 seconds.

By default rrdfetch or rrdgraph uses the previous 24 hours worth of data
which is 86400 seconds. So I suspect it is looking for data which is not
simply not there.

I bet if you increased the number of points stored in the RRA to 2880 (or
maybe 2881?) it will work for you.

Mark Lawrence

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