[rrd-users] Re: MAX-value differs for week/month

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Tue Jan 18 14:08:38 MET 2005

> Then in rrdgraph I use the MAX-CF to GPRINT the maximum value 
> over the viewed time. For my DEF-statement I also use the AVERAGE.
> DEF:s1=myfile.rrd:sensor1:AVERAGE
> GPRINT:total0:MAX: maximum %2.1lf

Uhmm.. Where did that total0 come from? I don't see a DEF.

>  From my point of view the MAX GPRINTed in the "day-view" (-s 
> "-1day") should not be higher than the MAX printed in the 
> "week-view" (-s
> "-1week") or the "month-view" (-s "-1month"), cause I store 
> the max-values in my RRD.

Correct, but only if you print MAX(MAX), not if you print MAX(AVERAGE).
You store the MAX values in your MAX RRA to be more specific.

> is lower and so on. It seems that the MAX in GPRINT only 
> takes the maximum of the actually drawn values and not the 
> MAX of the RRD, cause the problem does not occure if I use 
> MAX as CF for DEF, which is not what I want.

Ah, you see: it prints just what you defined: MAX(AVERAGE)

> Is this a bug or a feature  and is there any way round?

It's a feature. It just prints what you ask.
The way to print MAX(MAX) is to DEF it and GPRINT it of course..


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