[rrd-users] Re: C/C++ vs. rddtool

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Tue Jul 26 19:20:58 MEST 2005

Kevin C. wrote:

> Hi RRDTool Users & Per Jessen, Zürich
>>> Is it possible to use rddtool within C/C++ application?
>> Probably not what you intended, but what I do is to attach a thread
>> running rrdtool.
>> Whenever I need to update or get a graph or whatever, I simply write the
>> appropriate commands to stdin of that thread.
> Cool! Please tell me more details.

Not much to it, really: 

As part of initialisation of a daemon, I fork a thread that does an execve() of 
"usr/bin/rrdtool - ".  I then massage the file-descriptors such that I end up with a set
pointing to this threads stdin.  

To do an rrd update, I write a string to the rrdtool-stdin: 

(this is a printf-style template): 

"update %s -t x1:x2:x3:x4:x5 %lu:%lu:%lu:%lu:%lu:%lu\r\n"

Like I said initially, I doubt if this is really what you are after?  

Having said that, it works really well - unless you're doing 10s of thousands updates per
minute or something like that.

/Per Jessen, Zürich

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