[rrd-users] [newbie] not a valid vname

Mark Probert probertm at acm.org
Thu Jul 28 20:49:27 MEST 2005

Hi ..

I am not sure if this is the right forum (it is an API question), but
here goes ..

I am developing an RRDtool binding for Ruby (the existing one is rather
stale).  Things are going fine, however, I am having a problem with
rrd_graph().  When I feed it the following (version of minmax.pl):

  name = "minmax"
  rrdname = "#{name}.rrd"
    "--title", " #{name} Demo", 
    "--start", "now",
    "--end", "start+1d",

I get the error:

  minmax.rb:41:in `graph': Not a valid vname: a in 
    line AREA:a#00b6e4:real (RRDtoolError)
        from minmax.rb:41 

Being an RRDtool newbie, I am not really sure what that means :-| Any
help would be appreciated.

(BTW, this doesn't appear to be a problem with parameter passing as
rrd_create() etc. seem to be working okay.  However, is there any way of
finding out what rrd_graph() is actually getting?)


-mark.  (probertm at acm dot org)

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