[rrd-users] rrdfirst bug

Dario Rossi dario.rossi at polito.it
Mon Jun 6 19:32:09 MEST 2005


I would like to point out the existence of the following bug,
probably related to argv parsing: specifying --rraindex on 
the command line causes rrdtool to stuck into an (infinite?) 

    bash$ rrdtool first data.rrd  

    bash$ rrdtool first data.rrd --rraindex 0
    [loop forever]

    bash$ rrdtool first data.rrd --rraindex 3
    [loop forever]

As a side note, the order of the parameters in the 
rrdfirst manpage is swapped:

       rrdfirst - Return the date of the first data sample in an RRA 
                    within an RRD

       rrdtool first filename [--rraindex number]

Indeed, trusting the manpage, you get the following complaint:

    bash$ rrdtool first data.rrd --raindex 3
    ERROR: usage rrdtool first [--rraindex number] file.rrd



Oo    Dario Rossi
 >    PostDoc Researcher
~     PoliTo/DELEN/TNG

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