[rrd-users] counting non-undef'ed values in RRD-files

Steffen Schumacher STEFF at tdc.dk
Mon Mar 7 14:22:40 MET 2005

I'm using rrd-tool for storing networking performance monitoring.
When a 'path' in the network is down, I was thinking about putting in
undef'ed values, rather then the regular packetloss, delay jitter etc.
This would allow me to distinguish between regular congestion induced
packetloss, and connectivity/routing problems. (I have LS-IGP feed, so I
can tell if it is one or the other..)

This way, the avg. delay, loss and soon doesn't get messed up by a -1 or
0 value. But I would also like to know how much the network is down, and
packetloss from congestion only, but without spending an RRA, and then
simply set it to 1 when network is up. That would seem like a waste to
me, seeing as how this info is already given depending on if one of the
other RRA's are undef'ed or not. Also I'm monitoring about > 10k paths
with an rrdfile for each, so diskspace is also an issue.

Is there any way to fetch the info from one of the other RRA's?
The logic would need to be something like:
if value != undef then up_count++;

uptime_percent = up_count*100/heartbeat_count;

Now I suspect that the number I call up_count would already be used for
averaging, but I don't think I'm able to extract it or?
But even if I could, I'd still need the heartbeat_count for that given
period. (Yes I could calculate it, but this would just be overlapping
work, because rrdtool propably also needs this number I would think).

So, what do you think? Am I crasy, have I got a hold on something here
or am I on a completely wrong aproach here?


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