[rrd-users] Re: 95th Percentile - Values stored inside RRD file

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Thu Mar 17 17:12:34 MET 2005

> > 3) I noticed the raw data inside RRD file contains the
> > cumulative figure (e.g. the octet count is always
> > increasing). Is it possible for me to configure RRD such that
> > it computes the transfer speed and then store them into the
> > file? Instead of dumping the exact figure to the file.
> I did a rrdfetch and here's a sample of what I got:
> 1111047600:  4.1100088879e+08  4.0569527413e+08
> 1111047900:  4.1204431180e+08  4.0673533156e+08
> 1111048200:  4.1280187560e+08  4.0748254008e+08
> my rrd file is created with the option:
> 	"-s 300",
> 	"DS:ioct:GAUGE:600:0:U",	#input traffic datasource
> 	"DS:ooct:GAUGE:600:0:U",	#output traffic datasource
> 	"RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:28800"
> because the value (InOctets) is always inreasing, I choose 
> GAUGE thinking
> that it will help me compute the average and store them in 
> the rrd file.

If the input keeps increasing, then is probably is a COUNTER value.
As in an snmp byte counter. If you query it every 300 seconds, then
you get the amount of bytes that have passed during that 300 seconds.

I see no advantage in storing that as a gsuge value in your rrd 
database. The only interesting value is the amount of bps that have
passed and that would be automatically computed is you use a counter
ds type.

What everage do you want to compute?


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