[rrd-users] RRD Database Combining

Thomas Beecher tbeecher at localnet.com
Wed Mar 23 17:12:01 MET 2005

Our organization currently uses the Cricket package to graph modem usage 
across all of out dial in POPs. Cricket is storing the polled data in 
standard RRD databases, and uses it's own CGIs to generate the graphs.

Most POPs have multiple pieces of dial-in equipment, so we need to have 
totals on one graph. For most areas this is not a problem, as Cricket 
has a function to sum data from all defined targets and display that graph.

We run into an issue when we have two different pieces of equipment in 
the same POP. One type creates 3 data sources and 3 entries per polling 
interval in the RRD database. The other creates one one DS, 1 entry. We 
cannot use the Cricket sum function, as we need it to combine DS0 on oen 
device with DS 1 on the other for an accurate graph.

We are able to use the rrdtool command line to create combined graphs 
like we want. However, we would like to be able to create a 3rd rrd 
database to hold the totals, and have Cricket engine run the graphs with 
the rest of our devices.

The question then:

Is it possible to combine two data sources from different RRD databases 
into one? Ie. Combine device1.rrd:DS0 with device2.rrd:DS1 to create 

If we can get at least that done, everything else we want to do would 
fall into place. I have considered dumping each DB to XML, parsing for 
the data I want, summing that up, generating new XML, and creating a new 
DB from that, but it almost seems like that is more work than it needs 
to be.

Thanks in advance!!!
Thomas Beecher II
Network Administrator
LocalNet, Inc
325 Hampton Hill Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 632-1133 x226
tbeecher at localnet.com

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