[rrd-users] Message Monitoring

James Baldwin jbaldwin at antinode.net
Thu Mar 24 20:14:27 MET 2005

I'm in a position where I need to monitor the number of messages being 
submitted into certain folders in a collection of IMAP mailboxes. 
Basically, we're beginning to do efficiency testing on some of our spam 
solutions and we're pulling one set of data from spamtraps in the form 
of quantity of messages in specific folders, namely the inbox and spam 
I would like to use RRDTool to represent this information graphical, 
however, I have never used it before. After reading the brief tutorials 
and some of the manpages I am still unsure how to accomplish what I am 
looking for. I would like to update the rrd with the number of messages 
received and the number of messages flagged as spam. If possible, I 
would like every instance of the pull script per mailbox to update the 
rrd and avoid having to aggregate the numbers for ever periodic pull of 
all the mailboxes. The latter I find difficult to do as there would be 
a flurry of updates every set interval with nothing in between where it 
appears RRDTool was built around the assumption of a consistent 
individual update every set interval. Ignoring that requirement, I 
believe the necessary Data Source options would be:

rrdtool create target.rrd --start <start time> --step 3600\
DS:inbox:ABSOLUTE:7200:U:U\ I'm not sure exactly why I chose 7200, 
except that the tutorials appeared to suggest twice the step

The main source of my confusion is deciding on the appropriate archive 
configuration line as none of the consolidation functions seem 
appropriate. I would like to consolidate these based on sum so that I 
can display, graphically, an accurate measure of the amount of mail and 
spam we are receiving into these accounts. I'm sure this all derives 
from my misunderstanding of how the rrd integrates with displaying 
data, but any pointers or suggested reading are appreciated.
James Baldwin
"Syntatic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon."

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