[rrd-users] Re: Creating RRD/RRA

Mike M saetaes at gmail.com
Wed May 11 23:22:43 MEST 2005

> There is no "--step", something you probably want.
> The default of 300 seconds is now used.

Okay, I understand this.  So then for 1-hour increments, I need to set
this to 3600, right?

> The heartbeat is set to 3600 so you need updates >at_most< 3600
> seconds apart.

This should be okay - I'm planning on writing a shell script that runs
from cron hourly to update the database.  Is there any harm in making
this a little less, maybe 3300?

> First RRA: 9600 rows, each 300 seconds, 2880000 seconds total.
> This is 33 days 8 hours.
> Second RRA: 9600 rows, each (24*300) seconds, 69120000 seconds total,
> 800 days (about 2 years 2 months).
> Third RRA: 6000*720*300=15000 days = 41 years 25 days.

Gotcha.  These definitely need to be changed then, especially once the
step increases.

> > $  rrdtool update N:876123:987123
> And what time is "N" ?  And the next "N" ?  How far are they apart?

Isn't "N" = now?  The other two values (876123:987123) are the
document counts, the first for the "webdocs" datasource, the second
for the "prodocs" datasource.  Is this not correct?  If not, what is
the syntax to update different DSes?

Thanks for your help, Alex.


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