[rrd-users] bug ?

Alex xelahome at free.fr
Thu May 19 01:04:31 MEST 2005

When I try to read RRDTool value for a specific time I got from last
function, I haven't the same result in 1.0.49 and 1.2.8 version. You can see
below an example of the problem I met.
Is it a bug or just an evolution of RRDTool I need to go further ?
with rrdtool-1.0.49 :
/usr/src/rrdtool-1.0.49/src/rrdtool fetch
/home/monitor/monitoring/rrd/bastille2.eri0.rrd AVERAGE -s 1116455661
timestamp    input             output
1116455400:  1.5019862667e+03  1.9015906233e+04
1116455700:  nan  nan
1116456000:  nan  nan
with rrdtool-1.2.8 :
rrdtool fetch /home/monitor/monitoring/rrd/bastille2.eri0.rrd AVERAGE -s
                          input              output
1116455700: nan nan
1116456000: nan nan
Thank you for your help or support
Alexandre Fontelle

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