[rrd-users] Re: Getting RRDTool To Compile on Solaris 8

DJ Gregor dj at gregor.com
Fri May 20 23:57:40 MEST 2005

You need to use the "-R<directory>" option to the linker to tell it 
where it can find libiconv.so.2 at runtime.  This is Solaris-specific 
(well, maybe other SysV boxen?).

Try running configure like this (assuming you are running a 
Bourne-style shell, such as sh, ksh, or bash... *not* csh or tcsh):

LDFLAGS=-R/usr/local/lib ./configure <normal configure opts>

The configure script should probably do this automatically.  I don't 
know if this should be done by autoconf (maybe a newer version does the 
right thing on Solaris?), or if something has to be specifically added 
to the autoconf configurations for RRDTool.

As others have mentioned, you can get around this at runtime by 
specifying setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib (and more library 
paths on the end, if needed).  But, frankly, that's a hack for making 
the runtime linker work when the appropriate flags weren't passed when 
the binary was linked.  Other OSes automatically add the library paths 
passed in at link time (from the "-L<directory>" options) to the 
runtime search path, however Solaris doesn't do this.  If the software 
is compiled in Bob's home directory, i.e.: 
/home/bob/src/foo/bar/baz/.../lib/libiconv.so.2, that directory doesn't 
need to be included in the runtime search path with the binary (unless 
you really want to by specifying a "-R" option for that directory).

See also:


	- djg

On May 20, 2005, at 1:17 PM, Kennedy Clark wrote:

>> ld.so.1: ./conftest: fatal: libiconv.so.2: open failed: No such file
>> or directory
>> Do you need to install a libiconv package?
> Hi Andy,
> Many thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I was looking at that too.  I
> already had libiconv installed, but just to be sure, I re-installed it
> from sunfreeware (libiconv-1.8-sol8-sparc-local.gz).  Same results?
> Does anyone know if there could be an issue where it's not being found
> even though it's installed?  (Note: sunfreeware.com put libiconv.so.2
> in /usr/local/lib)

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