[rrd-users] RRDTool v1.2 Performance

Kennedy Clark hkclark at gmail.com
Tue May 24 01:14:14 MEST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I have been experimenting with RRDTool v1.2 and Smokeping v2.0rc4 (I
wasn't sure if this was better on the RRDTool or Smokeping list -- but
I'm pretty sure it has more to do with RRDTool).  We are running this
on a fairly old Sun Sparc (dual 64-bit 400 Mhz machines, 2 GB RAM)
running Solaris 8.  I was previously running RRDTool 1.0.49 and
Smokeping v1.41 -- it it wasn't as good as I'm used to on cheap,
modern Intel boxes running Linux, but it wasn't bad.  Now, with
RRDTool v1.2 and Smokeping v2.0, things have really slowed down.

I added a couple of lines of code above and below the call to
RRDs::graph in line 880 of /lib/Smokeping.pm (at least it's line 880
in Smokeping v 1.41) to use the Time::HiRes perl module to show me how
long the RRDS::graph call takes.  Here is a comparison of the times we
are getting:

  RRDTool v1.2:        10.87 seconds per call (avg across 12 graphs)
  RRDTool v1.0.49:    1.51 seconds per call (avg across 12 graphs)

These are per-call times to draw a 4-hour Smokeping detail graph (an
average of calling it 12 different times on each version).  As the
graphs begin to get full of data, the Smokeping detail pages are
taking almost a minute to render (5 x 11 seconds) under v1.2. :-(

Has anyone else done any comparisons between RRDTool v1.2 and v1.0? 
Are my results off (IOW, is something messed up with my installation
of v1.2)?  Any suggestions for improving the speed of v1.2?


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