[rrd-users] Re: RRDTool v1.2 Performance

Kennedy Clark hkclark at gmail.com
Tue May 24 15:23:16 MEST 2005

On 5/24/05, Tobias Oetiker <oetiker at ee.ethz.ch> wrote:
> Hi Kennedy,
> in rrdtool examples there is a test program called rrd-pipedemo.pl
> or so ... run this to see how many graphs it can create per seconds
> ... if I run with -O3 optimized libraries I get about 3.5 graphs a
> second ... this is unfortunately much slower than 1.0.x most time
> seems to be spent in libart and libpng and libz ...
> I have done a number of optimisations for the latest versions, so
> you should make sure to use 1.2.8 at least

Hi Tobi & Paul,

Yes, good point.. I should have clarified that these tests were done
using RRDTool v1.2.8 (I just said v1.2 in my previous note).  So, the
bad news is that it looks like I'm using the latest.

I'll run some tests with the rrd-pipedemo.pl and report back to the group.

Thanks again for the excellent software and help!


> any input on this is very welcome ...
> cheers
> tobi

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