[rrd-users] how to place last update time in comment?

Dave Lugo dlugo at etherboy.com
Wed May 25 02:16:36 MEST 2005


I'm moving from a 1.0.4x version of rrdtool to 1.2.8, and I've run
into an odd problem that I'm hoping some kind soul can tell me the
solution for.

I have a set of CGIs that I allow for selection of the .rrd file
used for graphing, and I use a for variable to denote the selected
syste.  Using the older version of rrdcgi, this works fine:

 COMMENT:"data last updated: <RRD::TIME::LAST <RRD::CV CLUSTER>/in_cluster_data.rrd %c>"

(CLUSTER is set via a FORM widget).

With 1.2.8, that fails with:

[ERROR: Garbage ': Tue May 24 20:05:00 2005' after command: COMMENT:data 
last updated: Tue May 24 20:05:00 2005]

...so, I escape the colon after updated thusly:

 COMMENT:"data last updated\: <RRD......

and get:

[ERROR: Garbage ':10:00 2005' after command: COMMENT:data last updated\: 
Tue May 24 20:10:00 2005]

ok, we'll try a double escape.  Nope, no go. 

Am I out of luck?  Can I no longer include the last update time in the 



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