[rrd-users] Weird problem with RRDs::create

Stefan Berder sbe at oleane.net
Tue May 31 11:01:20 MEST 2005

Hi all,
I got a weird problem when creating RRD file via a Perl script and I
admin I don't really understand the issue.
My script is parsing some logs and creating an RRD file to update it

The creation :
    RRDs::create ("report.rrd",
                  "--start", $epochstart
                  , "--step", 1,

Where $epochstart is for example 1117524058 (Tue May 31 09:20:58 2005)
and rows is calculated by $epochend - $epochstart = 315 as I should have
a value each second.

My first problem is that when doing that the rrd file is not starting at
$epochstart ...
rrdtool info returns : last_update = 1117524151

when I try the command directly from commandline the result is
$ rrdtool create report.rrd --start 1117524058 --step 1
DS:avgtime:GAUGE:2:0:U DS:avgtime2:GAUGE:2:0:U DS:avgtime3:GAUGE:2:0:U
DS:hit:GAUGE:2:0:U DS:size:GAUGE:2:0:U DS:code200:GAUGE:2:0:U
DS:code401:GAUGE:2:0:U DS:codexxx:GAUGE:2:0:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:315
$ rrdtool info report.rrd | grep last_update
last_update = 1117524058

Now it's taking my start date as the last date I could set ... which is
obviously what I'm not trying to get.

Then of course, my updates fail.

Maybe someone could help me ?

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