[rrd-users] Re: Weird problem with RRDs::create

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Tue May 31 16:12:26 MEST 2005

On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 03:50:35PM +0200, Stefan Berder wrote:

[please don't cc me.  I do read the list. Thanks]

> In fact my $epochstart is 5 seconds before the start of the real datas
> and $epochend is 5 seconds after just to have some extra space.

Ack. This works.

Your log:
 ----cut here----
Creating the RRD charts
epochstart: 1117524058
epochend: 1117524373
diff: 315
1117524058.DEBUG 1117524063:16.2551020408163:7:7:11:0:0:11:0
DEBUG 1117524064:16.2551020408163:2.8:2.8:5:0:0:5:0
DEBUG 1117524065:16.2551020408163:6.4:8.3:10:77557:2:8:0


DEBUG 1117524149:21.6902927580894:18.6875:31:16:405828:16:0:0
DEBUG 1117524150:21.6902927580894:15.0833333333333:24.1666666666667:12:272227:12:0:0
DEBUG 1117524151:21.6902927580894:15.5:38:2:144990:2:0:0
.DEBUG 1117524151:30.5067750677507:3.64:3.64:25:0:0:25:0
 ----cut here----

Explain, to yourself not to me, those anomalies:

"1117524058.DEBUG 1117524063:".....

Why this strange formatted line, where does "1117524058." come from.
Is your first intended update indeed at time 1117524063 ?
I guess so, as it's five seconds.  In that case the log could
use a carriage return/newline pair.

"DEBUG 1117524151:21.6902927580894:15.5:38:2:144990:2:0:0
.DEBUG 1117524151:30.50".....

Why a dot, why that second timestamp 1117524151

Of course you get an error if you update twice at the same time.
This is expected behaviour.  Did you notice this?


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