[rrd-users] rrd_graph API change..

Steffen Schumacher STEFF at tdc.dk
Tue Nov 8 14:03:53 MET 2005


I'm trying to build rrdjtool, which is a Java JNI wrapper for
It has function:
JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL Java_rrd_Rrd_createRrdGraph
        (JNIEnv *env, jobject obj, jobjectArray ar) {
        int n = (*env)->GetArrayLength(env, ar);
        char **tokens = getTokens(env, ar, n);
        char **calcpr;
        int xsize, ysize, i;
>>      int status = rrd_graph(n, tokens, &calcpr, &xsize, &ysize);
        if(status != -1) {
                preserveGraphOutput(calcpr, xsize, ysize);
        releaseTokens(tokens, n);
        return status;

Where the rrd_graph(n, tokens, &calcpr, &xsize, &ysize) call was changed
Int rrd_graph(int argc, char **argv, char ***prdata, int *xsize, int
*ysize, FILE *stream, double *ymin, double *ymax).
I have no idea when this change was done, and I really only care about
getting the problem fixed..

So basically FILE *stream, double *ymin, double *ymax was appended i

My question is: do I have to specify these last few vars or could i send
null pointers in stead?
If not my take in things would be to copy x and ysize vars into doubles
and use these for x and ymin. My only problem would then be the FILE.

Anyways if anyone could point me in the direction of a bit more decent
doc the mere code then that might help too.


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