[rrd-users] SVG image not good

learnrrd tool learnrrd at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 17:52:55 MET 2005

Hi All,
 I notice that when i use SVG format for my graph, the graph is kind of
small, the font is also small and not so clear. However, if I use PNG format
the grpah seems to be clear, nice and big.
 What could be the reason for the SVG format not working fine? Is this
related to some font not being supported? Do I have to add any additional
formatting statements to make the graphs look better in SVG?
 The command i give for graph is:
 SVG graph:
 rrdtool graph test_graph.svg --imageformat=SVG --title='Test graph'
--vertical-label='MB' --start -86400
DEF:var3=test_data.rrd:MemoryUsage:AVERAGE LINE1:var3#FF0000:'Memory Used
 I get this error message but the graph is generated. I checked and the ttf
file is present in this path though. what could be the reason for this
 Can't find font '/usr/local/rrdtool-1.2.11
 PNG graph:
  rrdtool graph test_graph.png --imageformat=PNG --title='Test graph'
--vertical-label='MB' --start -86400
DEF:var3=test_data.rrd:MemoryUsage:AVERAGE LINE1:var3#FF0000:'Memory Used
 Please suggest how to enhance the graph in SVG to look better. I have
attached the SVG and PNG graphs for comparison.

-- Attached file removed by Ecartis and put at URL below --
-- Type: image/png
-- Size: 10k (10989 bytes)
-- URL : http://lists.ee.ethz.ch/p/test_graph.png

-- Attached file removed by Ecartis and put at URL below --
-- Type: image/svg+xml
-- Size: 4k (5104 bytes)
-- URL : http://lists.ee.ethz.ch/p/test_graph.svg

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