[rrd-users] Re: RRDtool errors

crubiolo crubiolo at doctaconsulting.com.ar
Wed Nov 16 19:07:21 MET 2005

Hello all and thanks in advanced for you help. It's very appriceated.
I have a MRTG production system running under Windows 2000 Server with MRTG 2.9.14, Perl 5.8.7 (813).
During the last year I've used MRTG to collect traffic and other statistics but I've noticed that RDD 1.2.10 allows me to do other cool things like being able to query the data for an specific period of time. So I've decided to use MRTG for polling and RRD for storing the data and graphing.

I want MRTG to conver the .log files to RRD format.
and I get the following error:

ERROR: Can only restore version >= 2 (Not 0001). Dump your old rrd using a current rrdtool dump.
2005-11-14 12:08:53 -- ERROR: Cannot update D:\rrdtool\xxx.rrd with '1131988132:1466299397:1153069491' opening 'D:\rrdtool\xxx.rrd': No such file or directory

1. I've modified the MRTG's .cfg file (Test.cfg). 


### RRDTool Config Options

# Modify Logfiles (*.log) to RRD format (*.rrd)
LogFormat: rrdtool

# RRD Executable (rrdtool.exe) location
PathAdd: D:\rrdtool\bin

# RRD Perl module (RRDs.pm) location
LibAdd: D:\Perl\site\lib

# Directory to store the rrd files
Workdir: D:\rrds_files\TestXXX

2. I executed the "perl mrtg Text.cfg".

For what I understand this will execute a MRTG polling, and because I've changed the LogFormat parameter in the test.cfg file, it supposed to convert the OLD mrtg log file to the new RRD format. yet, I get the error mentioned above.

Does anyone know why Am I getting the error ? 
Please advise,
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