[rrd-users] Entering historical information into RRD

Andrew andrew2005 at ledge.co.za
Tue Oct 11 17:21:46 MEST 2005

Hi there

I would like to record the squid access log into a rrd database 
so that I can know how much traffic was happening at any given 
time.  The problem with this is that the log entries happen 
*after* the traffic has completed -- ie. the log may indicate 
that for the last 55 minutes we were doing a long download, 
comprising 120Mb, which has nothing to do with the last 5 
minutes.  I would like this to be added to my RRD data, after the 

  | x       x x               x 
  |xx     xxxxxx              x
  |xxx x xxxxxxxxxxx    x  x xxx

After ("o" represents added data):
  | x       x x           
  |xx     xxxxxx              x 
  |xxx x xxxxxxxxxxx    x     x
  |ooooooooooooooooooooooo x xxx

Is it possible to make this form of entry in RRD -- and if so, 


ps. Yes, I know that there are better ways of getting information 
about squid's activity -- but not per-user -- as far as I know.

Linux - laai niks anders

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