[rrd-users] Re: I have a 24hours graph....but how to change for a 48hours or month graph?

Marc Powell marc at ena.com
Mon Oct 24 19:36:52 MEST 2005

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> 48hours or month graph?
> Hi to all,
> I´m looking to paint , to create graphs of the last 48hours or month
> graphic...but i only obtain a last 24hours graphic.
> Here its my script to create graphs....whats wrong???
> Thanks in advanced,
> *server:/home/rrd/scripts# more creategraphs.sh
> #!/usr/bin/ksh
> export RRD="/home/rrd/rrd/concurrent-clientspin.rrd"
> export GIFPIN="/home/rrd/graphs/pal.png"
> export GIFPINT="/home/rrd/graphs/pel.png"
> rrdtool graph $GIFPAL DEF:ccpal=$RRD:ccpal:AVERAGE AREA:ccpal#00b871s
> rrdtool graph $GIFPEN DEF:ctpen=$RRD:ctpen:AVERAGE AREA:ctpen#00b871s
> *

By default rrdtool will display the last 24 hours of data. Presuming you have the additional RRA's defined (or have data covering the time period), you'll need to use the Time Range arguments as documented at http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/rrdtool/doc/rrdgraph.en.html

For example, to graph the last 48 hours you might use something like the following --

rrdtool graph $GIFPAL --start end-2d --end now DEF:ccpal=$RRD:ccpal:AVERAGE AREA:ccpal#00b871s
rrdtool graph $GIFPEN --start end-2d --end now DEF:ctpen=$RRD:ctpen:AVERAGE AREA:ctpen#00b871s


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