[rrd-users] unknow problem with weird values

Maicon Stihler maicon at redix.com.br
Mon Oct 31 23:32:37 MET 2005

I created an rrdfile with a line that looks like this:
rrdtool create eth.rrd --start N --step 300 DS:rx:COUNTER:600:0:U
DS:tx:COUNTER:600:0:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:105120

and then started putting values on it, on 5 minutes intervals, after
some time I graphed and got weird values. The MAX and MIN values are all
equal and very huge. Im aware that I dont have a MAX or MIN DS, I
actually copied this scheme from an example that I found on the
internet, and it seemed to work. 

Could someone give me an advice on how is the right way to achive the
following things:

make a graph for all days of a year, with five minutes intervals, and
that I can show MAX, MINIUM and LAST values of an arbitrary timespan. My
graphs are mostly of counters and gauges (NICS, users, cpu usage, etc)

Thank you all

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