[rrd-users] Reference Size Issues

jon.hartman at verizon.com jon.hartman at verizon.com
Wed Apr 5 23:03:25 MEST 2006

I'm hoping someone might have some insight into some scaling issues. We
have a seperate group that handles our forecasting and metrics. They are
taking the .rrd XML dumps and importing them into a database and exporting
graphs. While the graph shapes match, the data points do not. Here are the
software versions in use:
MRTG: 2.10.15
RRDtool: 1.0.49
14all.cgi: 14all.cgi,v 2.15 2000/11/22 10:02:27 rb1 (w/1 minute view
Please reference the attached zip file, which contains an excel
spreadsheet with both graphs and the raw data, for comparison's sake.
Thanks in advance,
Jon Hartman

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