[rrd-users] How to draw a sum over a time range?

Joerg Maschtaler mali at blackbase.de
Mon Apr 10 10:57:13 MEST 2006


I want to draw a graph with the sum of collected data for each month
over a year but i don't know how.
The graph should be updated once a day.

The rrd is updated once a day and provides data since 04.04.2006.
It was created with
- step 86400
- DS:in:DERIVE:86400:0:U
- RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:500

To create the graph i do the following:
- start 00 20060101
- end 00 20070101
- xgrid MONTH:1:YEAR:1:MONTH:1:2592000:%m
- DEF:in=file.rrd:in:AVERAGE
- CDEF:intotal=in,UN,0,in,86400,*,IF
- AREA:intotal#32CD32:Incoming

Now i want to accumulate all values of a month and then draw the total
for each month.

Is it possible (and if yes, how)?

My trials:
- I inserted "VDEF:intotal=in,TOTAL" after the CDEF command, but
although the drawed area has the right height it's width (which should
be fit to the current month)  ranges from January to December.
- Adding a step of 2592000 to the DEF command shows the same.

The rrd version is 1.2.11.

Aside from that is it possible to write the total of each month in the
corresponding area, maybe as vertical text?

Thx in advance for any help or hint,

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