[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool graph -> text output only. not generate an image.

R Blundell rickb at rapidvps.com
Tue Aug 8 17:22:06 MEST 2006

Hi, thanks for the help, I am still not having any luck. Here is my new 
complete command. When I run it, I see:

[root at server rrd]# sh command
[root at server rrd]#

I am expecting rrdrool to print the GPRINT's to the std out. The .png 
file is created with this command but no output except the file 
dimensions. Am I still doing something wrong?


rrdtool graph dummy.png -s -86400  \
  "DEF:transmit2=9889208.rrd:transmit_bytes:AVERAGE" \
"CDEF:transmit=transmit2,8,*" \
  "CDEF:receive=receive2,8,*"  \
  "GPRINT:transmit:MAX:  Max\: %5.1lf %S" "GPRINT:transmit:AVERAGE: 
Avg\: %5.1lf %S" \
  "GPRINT:transmit:LAST: Current\: %5.1lf %Sbits/sec\n" \
  "GPRINT:receive:MAX:  Max\: %5.1lf %s" "GPRINT:receive:AVERAGE: Avg\: 
%5.1lf %S" \
  "GPRINT:receive:LAST: Current\: %5.1lf %Sbits/sec\n" 
"CDEF:treceive=receive2,UN,0,receive2,86400,*,IF" \
"CDEF:combined=treceive,ttransmit,+" \
  GPRINT:combined:AVERAGE:"%8.2lf %s Bytes\n"     \
  GPRINT:treceive:AVERAGE:"%8.2lf %s Bytes\n" \
  GPRINT:ttransmit:AVERAGE:"%8.2lf %s Bytes\n"

> Rick,
> the second argument to graph must be the filenme for the graph,
> even when it is not generated ... so
>  rrdtool graph dummy.png -s -86400 \
>    "DEF:transmit2=9889208.rrd:transmit_bytes:AVERAGE" \
>    "DEF:receive2=9889208.rrd:receive_bytes:AVERAGE" \
>    "CDEF:transmit=transmit2,8,*"
> note that COMMENT is a graph comment ... don't use it !
> cheers
> tobi

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