[rrd-users] Re: Using data form other .rrds to fill in gaps

Leif Neland leif at neland.dk
Wed Aug 9 10:04:04 MEST 2006

MrPaul wrote:
> On 8/8/06, Jordy Goldstein <JGoldstein at aws.com> wrote:
>> I have two .rrd files from nearby weather stations keeping track of
>> temperature. Is there any way to use rrd tool so that if station A
>> is missing data ( U in the database) the data from station B will be
>> put in there? Ideally, what I'd want is a graph where the data from
>> A is red, while the data from B is green, and B's data shows up ONLY
>> where the data point from A is unknown.
> I think someone (maybe Tobi) has already created this for you.  It's
> not perl but there is a python script in the contrib dir called
> rrd-merge.py.  I've used it and it works quite nicely.
> Paul

Just plot A in red normally, unknown will not be plotted.


Plot Bplot in green, this will be B if A is unknown.


This will merge A and B if you need it for min/max display or other


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