[rrd-users] PHP4-RRDTool continues..

Westlake, Simon simon.westlake at twcable.com
Wed Aug 23 21:48:39 MEST 2006

I emailed the list yesterday about a 'problem' I'm having with
php4-rrdtool (it seems to interpret bits in an rrd file as bytes.) I
have searched in vain for a way to fix this problem and I haven't found
a way of doing so.

So, the only solutions I could come up with is to:

Multiply by 8 when inputting the data into the RRD file.
Multiply by 8 when generating the graph.

The first option is awful and I really don't want to have to do it.
However, I also don't see a way of manipulating the data with rrdgraph
to multiply the value by 8. I'd rather not stop using php4-rrdtool if
possible, and it is enabling me to accomplish a specific task quite
easily and it works fine for all the graphs other than traffic.

Does anyone know of some undocumented way (or some way I'm not
understanding from the rrdgraph manpage) to manipulate the data pulled
from the rrd file and perform a mathematical equation on it?

Simon Westlake
Time Warner Cable Business Class
Network Engineer
Ph: 414.908.4791 | Cell: 414.688.7956

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