[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool missed values <1.0

Thomas Peter thomas at braindumped.com
Thu Aug 31 16:35:26 MEST 2006

>opps, I guess you lost me, you seem to have a rather peculiar
>usecase here ... if you can tell me what it is that you try to
>achieve I might be able to advise ...

of course:

i parse a logfile for occurences of events.
when this event occurs it leaves a mark and a timestamp in the logfile.
these events do have a start and an end, both mentioned in the logfile.

what i do is, search every minute for the occurence of the start-pattern
(if there is no stop-pattern after the startpattern).
if this startpattern is found, the corresponding timestamp is parsed and
used for calculation of: "now-timestamp" is the duration the event
runs already.

this duration (in minutes) i use for updates.

what i get is a graph like a sawtooth, that raises, as long as the event

so i only update when events occur.

so if this timestamp is created half a minute ago, and i discover it half
a minute later, i get an updatevalue of 0.5 minutes.
and exectly these 0.x values got lost.

hopefully i made my usecase clear ;)


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