[rrd-users] Resizing RRDs

Kelby Cody kelbyc at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 19:12:19 MEST 2006

I'm having trouble resizing my existing RRDs for 5 minute intervals
from 2 days to 6 months.  I'm running cacti 0.8.6h on a Windows XP box
with rrdtool 1.2.15.  When I use the 'rrdtool resize' command it
resizes properly but when I use the zoom-in function of Cacti to see
the historical data it shows a blank graph.  The only data that will 
show when I zoom in is the past 48 hours of 5 minute data.  The yearly
and monthly graphs show the correct historical data when zoomed out but
if I try to zoom in on them it is blank.  Does anyone know what I'm
doing wrong? 
I have also tried the resize.pl script to resize my rrds but I'm having
an issue with the rrd server running on a Win32 box.  According to the
following post you can resize existing RRDs using the script provided.

However, has anyone gotten resize.pl to work on a Windows OS? I'm very
close but when I actually run resize.pl to modify a rrd I get the
following error: 
"Your vendor has not defined Fcntl macro F_SETFL, used at
C:\perl\librrdp.pm line 133." 

I did some research and apparently F_SETFLF isn't supported on Win32.
Any idea what I might need to do?


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