[rrd-users] combining different sources into one graph

Jaap Struyk japie at deserver.nl
Mon Dec 11 05:50:56 MET 2006


I yust started out working with rrd to collect data about the
relation on my server.
To show the relation between those I trying to grab data from different
rrd files into one graph.
This seems to work but I have problems with the scaling on the Y-axis.
I have a graph of my memory usage: http://www.deserver.nl/memory.png
My system load: http://www.deserver.nl/load.png
And the hddtemp: http://www.deserver.nl/temp.png
But when I combine those 3: http://www.deserver.nl/leffakone.png the
memory graph takes the lead.
I use the following lines:

rrdtool graph /srv/www/htdocs/leffakone.png --imgformat PNG --width 800
--height 100 --start now-1day --end now --interlaced --font
DEFAULT:0:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/abalc.ttf \
DEF:shortterm_avg=/var/lib/collectd/load.rrd:shortterm:AVERAGE \
DEF:used_avg=/var/lib/collectd/memory.rrd:used:AVERAGE \
DEF:value_avg=/var/lib/collectd/hddtemp-3-0.rrd:value:AVERAGE \
LINE2:used_avg#ffcc77:memory \
LINE2:shortterm_avg#55ff55:systemload \

Can somebody give me a hint on how to scale up the systemload and temp
graph and show the temp on the Y-axes?
Groetjes Japie

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