[rrd-users] RRDGraph command with arrays?

Tero Salminen tero.salminen at vaasaweather.com
Sun Feb 19 20:10:45 MET 2006

Im desperately trying to do an array. (99% programming newbie)

I have a base (working):

rrdtool graph /var/www/temps/data/day.png \
-n DEFAULT:0:/usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf \
-t "Temperature in last 24 hours °C" \
-h 279 -w 575 \
-l 0 \
-i \
-E \
DEF:Outside=/etc/weatherstation/rrddb/w_temperature.rrd:temp:AVERAGE \
DEF:Inside=/etc/weatherstation/rrddb/temperature.rrd:in:AVERAGE \
LINE2:Inside#3333CC:"Comp room\t" \
GPRINT:Inside:MAX:"Max\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Inside:MIN:"Min\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Inside:AVERAGE:"Average\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Inside:LAST:"Current\: %6.2lf°C\\c" \
LINE2:Outside#FF0000:"Outside\t" \
GPRINT:Outside:MAX:"Max\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Outside:MIN:"Min\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Outside:AVERAGE:"Average\: %6.2lf°C\t" \
GPRINT:Outside:LAST:"Current\: %6.2lf°C\\c" \
COMMENT:""\\c \
COMMENT:"Copyright © tero.salminen at vaasaweather.com 2006\c"

To have a graphs.sh with that command four times (day, week, month and 
year) is ok
if I have only one data to graph,  but now I have a weather-station 
logging 6 other values
(humidity, pressure and so on) so to have a graph.sh with 28 times that 
long command
when it should be possible with less? (alterning the .sh would become a 

Any help for a newbie?

Tero Salminen
www.vaasaweather.com <http://www.vaasaweather.com>

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