[rrd-users] Some help on CDEF functions

Stefano Cislaghi s.cislaghi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 17:49:19 MET 2006

Hi all,

so while I've needed the one-shot value from my RRD I took this way:


A single value, beetween 0.000 and 10.000 every 60 seconds.

Here, how I have created my RRD db:

rrdtool create conf/tal.rrd --start 1138199559 --step 60
DS:time:GAUGE:120:0:10 RRA:MAX:0.000:1:2880

And this is ok...for me (any suggestions/opinions is encouraged).

To print simplest graph of daily values:

$RRD graph --start -1d $WORKDIR/web/tal-daily.png
DEF:time=$WORKDIR/conf/tal.rrd:time:MAX LINE1:time#FF0000
VDEF:timeAVG=time,AVERAGE COMMENT:"Maximum response time\: "
GPRINT:timeMAX:"%7.3lf %Sseconds\n" COMMENT:"Average response time\: "
GPRINT:timeAVG:"%7.3lf %Sseconds\n" COMMENT:"Minimum response time\: "
GPRINT:timeMIN:"%7.3lf %Sseconds\n"

And this is already OK.

Now, i've tried function CDEF:smoothed=time,1800,TREND and this is
very good... but for example:

I need to keep in foreground every value with 0.000. This is a bad
value (for me means that my monitored applications is not reachable).
It's possibile to count how many 0.000 value I have in the last day?

And also... print a single, separated, vertical line for everyone of
this value? or another reference on my graphs?

I've tried with:

CDEF:unknown=time,UNKN but i receive error:

ERROR: RPN final stack size != 1

Mmm..somebody can help me?



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