[rrd-users] rrdtool with unregular data flow

Maik Töpfer maiktoepfer at web.de
Fri Jan 27 00:39:25 MET 2006


I'm trying to set up the rrdtool in an environment where no real  
static information flow exists. This means sometimes data arrives  
more often sometimes it doesn't arrive at  all.
Although I know that rrdtool has been designed for a regular data  
input I like the idea of the round robin database very much.

What I did:

I set up a database file:

rrdtool create maik.rrd --step 2 DS:fts:GAUGE:2:U:U RRA:AVERAGE: 

now i'm trying to enter data. This should allow me half an hour of  
data storage.

when data would be inserted in the following time line

1 second: 100
2 seconds: nothing
3 seconds: nothing
4 seconds: nothing
5 seconds: nothing
6 seconds 120
7 seconds: nothing
19 seconds: nothing
20 seconds 140

than i expected to fetch something like


but instead i see most of time only timestamp:na

I don't want to extend the heartbeat intervall too much since in some  
areas i will have a constant dataflow, in some not. But I rather want  
to display the fact that there where no data points (na) than  
consolidating the data over a longer intervall.

what can i do to see the actual stored data with the fetch command if  
there are also bigger gaps between certain datapoints?



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