[rrd-users] Recursive use of rrdcgi ?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 11:59:34 MEST 2006

I had a google about, and found a some messages on the list from a 
few years ago - these indicated that rrdcgi isn't recursive.

What I want to do is something like :

<RRD::SETVAR datain globalin>
<RRD::SETVAR dataout globalout>

<RRD::SETVAR timescale 24h>
<RRD::INCLUDE graph-single.inc>

<RRD::SETVAR timescale 7d>
<RRD::INCLUDE graph-single.inc>

<RRD::SETVAR timescale 31d>
<RRD::INCLUDE graph-single.inc>

<RRD::SETVAR timescale 366d>
<RRD::INCLUDE graph-single.inc>

where graph-single.inc contains rrdcgi code to generate a single 
graph from two data sets (in and out on an interface in this case). A 
simple test I tried showed that it worked if I put "#!/usr/bin/rrdcgi 
--filter" at the top of the included file, but the same text then 
appears on the web page. I haven't gone as far as trying to pass any 
arguments yet.

This would make life so much easier as I potentially need to create a 
couple of hundred different graphs that only differ in data selection 
and timescale.

Can this be done with rrdcgi ? Or am I going to have to learn Perl to 
do it ? Any other ideas ?

I'm using RRDTool 1.2.11, which is the package from Debian Etch 
(Testing) that I managed to get installed on the Debian Sarge system. 
I tried installing the latest version from source but it failed, 
telling me that the compiler can't create executables and I haven't 
figured out why yet.


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