[rrd-users] Re: Trying to format legend using GPRINT

Nataniel Klug nata at cnett.psi.br
Mon Jul 17 18:37:47 MEST 2006


Your tip worked fine... I just need to cound how many spaces I need... 
6.2 worked fine, now it is all aligned even if the value change from 
1,20 Mbps to 800,00 Kbps... Thank you a lot!

Simon Hobson escreveu:
> I see that everything is lined up in your daily (diario) graph, and 
> your code looks OK. I have graphs using :
>    COMMENT:"In  "
>    AREA:globinave#3F3FFF:"ave"
>    GPRINT:vglobinavg:"%6.2lf %sBps"
>    LINE1:globinmax#0000BF:"max"
>    GPRINT:vglobinmax:"%6.2lf %sBps\n"
>    COMMENT:"Out "
>    AREA:globoutave#FF3FFF:"ave"
>    GPRINT:vgloboutavg:"%6.2lf %sBps"
>    LINE1:globoutmax#FF00BF:"max"
>    GPRINT:vgloboutmax:"%6.2lf %sBps"  
> where the columns line up.

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