[rrd-users] Unbelievable fetch

Olivier Doucet olivier at oxeva.fr
Fri Jul 28 12:26:04 MEST 2006

Hi everybody,

I've been dealing with rrdtool for 1 week. Tutorials are a good way to 
understand how it works.
I'm actually testing something, but the fetch is incorrect for me.
I will try to explain my problem :

1/ First, I create my graph with that :
/usr/local/rrdtool/bin/rrdtool create test.rrd --step 300 --start 1154077200 
DS:TotalAccesses:DERIVE:300:0:100000000000 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:600 

2/ I import values on it :
rrdtool update test.rrd --template TotalAccesses 1154077202:15543824 
1154077502:15559245 1154077802:15574243 1154078105:15591902 
1154078403:15609148 1154078702:15627641 1154079002:15645008

rrdtool update test.rrd --template TotalAccesses 1154079304:15661930 
1154079602:15679992 1154079904:15697662 1154080202:15717262 
1154080502:15736468 1154080801:15756017 1154081101:15774657

As you can see, values are every 300 seconds approximately (i.e. 5mn).

3/ I try to fetch values  from the beginning :

/usr/local/rrdtool/bin/rrdtool fetch test.rrd AVERAGE -r 
300 --start=1154077200 --end=1154081101

And I get that :
1154077500: 5.1403333333e+01
1154077800: 5.0002733333e+01
1154078100: nan
1154078400: 5.7872483221e+01
1154078700: 6.1809728177e+01
1154079000: 5.7916396656e+01
1154079300: nan
1154079600: 6.0610738255e+01
1154079900: nan
1154080200: 6.5771812081e+01
1154080500: 6.4031678747e+01
1154080800: 6.5372195764e+01
1154081100: 6.2144159792e+01
1154081400: nan

I think these nan ("Not A Number" I guess) means there are no values for 
that timestamp.
I want a "clean graph", with no interruptions in data. I have one value in 
the .rrd for every 5 minutes, so I can't see why I dont get what I want.

Maybe this is because some updates are 5mn+5sec after the previous values, 
and not 5mn after exactly.

How can I get a graph without any interruptions in my data ?

I hope I have explained my problem as clearly as possible.

Thank you in advance for any help


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